About Us

We are Nick and Annabella Ware, and we moved to Fulvy from London in June 2011. We have always adored this beautiful and peaceful region but it was serendipity that led to us moving to live here with our three children. Our cats Charlie and Daisy, and our border collie Jester, will also love to meet you.

charlie Jester and daisy

Le Petit Village is very accessible from all of northern Europe by road via Reims. It’s also quite near the A6 motorway and a two hour drive south of Paris. As well as a wonderful place to stay for a long holiday, its location in central eastern France makes Le Petit Village ideal as a short stop on the way to the Alps or to the beaches of the south of France and at certain times it may be possible for us to accomodate you for one or two nights.

You can take the Eurostar from London St Pancras to either Lille or Paris where you can pick up the high speed TGV train service to Montbard, which is only 20 minutes from us. Paris is 1 hour away on the TGV.  If you are coming from the East or South of Europe, you can connect via Dijon.

By plane you can fly into Charles De Gaulle in Paris and onwards by train or hire car.