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FulvyFulvy is a medieval village in the heart of the Tonnerrois, in the Yonne region of Burgundy. The village is surrounded by wheat fields and sunflowers, forest and pasture. Its low rolling hills make it a beautiful area for walking and cycling. Opposite our house run both the Armançon river and the Burgundy canal, which offer wonderful access to the countryside, villages and restaurants.

The Tonnerrois is a land of Stone, Water, Forest, and Vineyards. It has a rich and varied heritage with beautiful churches, abbeys, Châteaux and Lavoirs (the ancient wash houses).

The living heritage sites that you can visit range from pre-history (the cave paintings at Les Grottes d’Arcy-sur-Cure) through the Roman era (the great museum at Alésia, where Caesar defeated Vercingétorix) the mediaeval period of monasteries and Abbeys (like the UNESCO world heritage site Abbey de Fontenay) to the era of the Dukes of Burgundy when the Duchy was one of the greatest independent powers in Europe.

The food and wine of course are exceptional. Fulvy lies between several world class wine growing regions – to the north Chablis, and to the south Côte De Beaune and Côte de Nuits. It is also the home of the Charolais cattle, a key ingredient in Boeuf Bourguignon, and wonderful cheeses like Époisses and Chaource.

In the summer, the area is full of cultural and community activity with numerous fêtes and music of all kinds. For children, as well as the beautiful countryside to explore, there are many attractions from animals (big cats, open farm visits) to theme parks (Disneyland Paris is an hour by TGV). Read more about the history and culture, countrysidefood and drink, and family activities.